I reflect on these wise words and I think of Rotary and the 1.2 million Rotarians volunteering their time around the world achieving great things together…. “Making A Difference” (Rotary theme 2017-18)
I am honoured to take on my role as the next President of the Rotary Club of Essendon in the 83rd year and together we are excited to fulfil this year’s theme. A theme that plays a large part in all our lives and it is something that we all want to do from the moment we joined this wonderful international organisation.
How memorable next year will be for our Club. RI President, Ian Riseley, will take up his leadership with every Rotarian around the world knowing he is from Australia, like our very own past RCE President, Royce Abbey (RI President 1988-89).  Royce’s theme was “Put Life Into Rotary – Your Life”. Let’s do exactly that again this year while we are “Making a Difference”. I am continually reminded of the incredible achievements of Royce and how Rotary around the world prospered during his leadership.  I know we are a Club that can achieve much, encouraged by the great work that has gone before us.
One step starts a journey. One spark starts a fire. One drop of polio vaccine is all a child needs to live a polio-free life. One person can encourage, inspire and lead others, but it is only connecting those steps, those sparks, those people together that the cogs in the wheel of Rotary can move forward and accomplish so much. I have a great passion for connecting people together and Rotary is a brilliant network to achieve this both locally & internationally.
Rotary has been a part of my life for about 43 years now when my Dad became a Rotarian. This year will be even more special for me with Dad by my side encouraging me and inspiring me the whole way.
My husband, Charles, is a past Rotary Exchange Student. I certainly could not do take on this role without his support & also that of my children, Nicholas and Elise.  My own family is everything to me and without them by my side I can achieve nothing.
I am very excited about the year ahead. Together we will proudly reflect on the wonderful history of this Club. Together we will build a stronger & invigorated Club. Together we will look to the future to show others what Rotary is. “Making A Difference”….Today, Tomorrow & Always!
Jenny Foster