2016/17 Incoming President's Speech...


I feel so privileged and humbled to have the honour of taking on the role of President of the Rotary Club of Essendon to lead this wonderful club into its 82nd year
Proud to be a member of the Rotary Club of Essendon joining the club in 2000 and wanting to make a difference, and to be a stronger member of the community was the beginning of my journey with the Club.
Nothing however prepared me for the sausage sizzles, tin rattling, cleaning graffiti, parking cars at the Sunday car boot sale, collating answers at the trivia night and of course my most recent adventure of Auctioneering at the Bahay Tulian Fundraiser.
We make such a difference in many ways whether they are in a big or small way.  The Rotary Club of Essendon has a proud and successful history recognized for the many ways it becomes involved with enthusiasm, passion and total commitment to the cause. Maintaining our strong history and building from strength to strength we will be able to continue our many projects both locally and off shore, with immediate and long term impact through all the avenues of service
Beginning our Rotary year with the world leadership of John Germ and with his chosen theme Rotary Serving Humanity, and with the solid and effective guidance and support of District Governor Neville John and Assistant Governor Colin Styles our club will once more achieve another successful year continuing what we do well and exploring new initiatives that will make a difference. Our membership at this point in time is the lowest it has been since for many years, but our members are enthusiastic, committed and together we can respond positively  in seeking new members to join with us in our quest to uphold the Rotary theme; Rotary Serving Humanity.
Everyone is important, everyone is needed, and everyone can make such a difference in so many ways.  Your service committee chairs need you to support the projects you take charge of, but the whole of the club membership needs to support each other.
In my role as President I will aim to support and empower the Board and club members to achieve the many goals we set for our club each year. The Board will work to once more see a successful year evolve working in Harmony with the many projects we support.
The wise words of the Late Royce Abbey ring in my ears as another project or activity is planned. “Use the strengths of each member for success. Allow people to do what they do well, and tap into the memberships varied strengths.” We all have strengths and your club needs each and every one of you and what you bring.
My parents as migrants instilled into their children (my brother and I), the importance of helping your fellowman in whatever way possible, through friendship, giving newly arrived migrants the sense of welcome to a new country and a new culture, and extending inclusiveness and support.
Looking back they taught me so much for what was ahead of me as a sister, wife, mother, friend and work colleague. John and I have been fortunate to have made many special friends who are like minded and committed to the help others in any way possible. Isn’t that the basis of the Rotary Family we are all so fortunate to belong to?  Proudly I bring these skills and experience to my presidential year. 
Rotary Serving Humanity let it be the guiding theme for all the members of the Rotary Club of Essendon.                  Maria